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Captains Kristian and Lesley Simms (DYS Prairie Division) were the Guest Speakers for the weekend. The theme of the weekend was "Awake my Soul". They talked about "Waking up" and stop hitting our christian snooze button. That we need a generation that is going to make a differance and turn the world upside down.


Guest Worship leaders for the weekend were "thedxtrs" Kyron Newburg, Emily Richards and Ryan Johnson from Toronto. Kevin Reilly from Saskatoon Temple Corps help the band out on the Base Guitar for the weekend.

We were honored to have with us for the Saturday night session, Commissioners Brian and Rosalie Peddle. The Territorial Commander and Territorial President of Women's Ministries for The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda territory. Commissioner Rosalie Peddle delivered a short devotional and Commissioner Brian Peddle answered some questions from the youth.