Beaver Creek Camp Advisory Board

The Camp Advisory Board was established in 2009 for the purpose of reviewing, developing and expanding the camp in the areas of Program, Property, and Finance.  At present there are three sub-committees that address and review those three areas.  This board is a great asset as we continue to develop a strategic plan for the continued maintenance, growth and development of The Salvation Army Beaver Creek Camp.  All of the recommendations that come from the Camp Advisory Board are presented to the Prairie Divisional Executive Board and/or the Divisional Finance Board for final approval.  The Camp Advisory Board members meet 4 times a year, while the sub-committee's meet in between those times to work through the finer details in their respective areas.  We are grateful to all its members and those on the sub-committees, who remain committed to the camp and the fulfillment of its mission, which is to 'promote the spiritual growth and awareness of God's love through the warmth of Christian fellowship in the beauty of His creation'.