2010 Prairie Mission Team

"Unlock Your Mission - Youth Councils"

One of the areas hi-lighted in the Youth Retention report was a need to develop a sense of mission amongst young people.  In Saskatchewan we have changed our approach to teen ministry to help that happen.   Every summer we will hold an outreach oriented teen camp.  Each fall we will also hold an outreach oriented youth councils to attempt to blend the teens from teen camp into the teens who regularly attend our corps.  Each spring we will conduct a mission based event (with the goal of working towards a mission team) to help those who are already in a relationship with Jesus be able to connect with Him through mission.
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Our first mission weekend was held on March 5th-7th, 2010, at the Beaver Creek Camp and was entitled "Unlock Your Mission."  The 'mission trip' for this year is our Kidz Konnect (Junior Youth Councils for Saskatchewan children also to be held at the camp at the end of April). 
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On Friday night we helped the teens begin to understand that they were each created for a specific purpose and are personally molded by the Lord.  This we did through them making Life Masks (pictures included) while the masks dried, through Readers Theatre, we told the David Story and how with his 'five smooth stones' (all the teens were also given 5 stones to hold) he was able to defeat Goliath.  The five smooth stones represent the teens talents and gifts, which they then discovered through doing a Spiritual Gift Inventory.
On Saturday the teens were placed in four, gift based, missional groups.  They stayed in these groups for the rest of the weekend.  They each had to come to the weekend prepared with a devotional to lead (which they did in the missional groups at the meals).  The groups then planned the Kidz Konnect.  The missonal groups were: worship, drama, games and crafts.   The Kidz Konnect is going to be based upon the Joseph narrative.  We studied this through Bible study on the Saturday night, and then the teens experienced this in the "Joseph Prayer Walk" - also some pictures attached. 
The teens were commissioned on Sunday morning.  They were given a covenant bracelet with the symbols of a cross, a greater than sign and a capital I.  This bracelet will help them remember to pray for the weekend, for each other, and also to understand that our missions are only lived out if God is first.