The Salvation Army Beaver Creek Camp is nestled in 100 acres of beautifully secluded woods, creek, valley and meadow just outside of Saskatoon. Beaver Creek is used in the summer to provide hundreds of youth with an opportunity for some time away from the heart of the city, and then throughout the year by retreat groups and the Board of Education. Beaver Creek Camp exists to promote the spiritual growth and awareness of God's love through the warmth of Christian fellowship in the beauty of His creation. The Camp is located 15km south of Saskatoon, just east of highway 219. (map)



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Beaver Creek Camp 2016 Staff

Program Staff: Christine Findlay, Benjamin Coles, Jenny Hale, Alicia Pollett.
Counsellors: Sharla Morrison, Emily Tremblay, Gloria Hildebrant, Rebekah Halvorsen, Hope Mombo, Mikaela Sagness, Ian Pederson, Brandon Howell, Calvin Bruyere, David Dean.
Maintenance: Peter Prosofsky (Site Manager - Absent), Jonathan Halvorsen, Carlin Clarke, Sam Dunstan.
Kitchen: Claude Pelltier, Manny Amon, Jacob Critch, Jake Reid, Jared Wills, Kim Wills.
Administrative: Capt. Kristian Simms (DYS), Debra Prosofsky (Site Manager), Katie Pollett
Lifeguard: CJ Russell, Yadi Chen (Absent)
Nurse: Shirley Watkinson